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Introducing – GGather email archive


This is a copy of the email that was sent on 7th January 2017 to users. was other service I was building around 2015. I still maintain it for the remaining users, but I don't work on any new features, etc.

Dominik Serafin from here. You might already know but for a couple of last months I've been hard at work on first version of GGather is a platform that will help you save, forget and find later when needed interesting and useful links you find on the internet.

One of the ways to save link is as easy as typing "" before any link on any device & browser.

What makes GGather special is the social aspect of it. You can easily view or subscribe other people (only public) bookmarks and tags which you find interesting and useful to you. And on top of that you can also see what's new and popular on whole GGather so it's easy to discover cool stuff.

GGather "unofficially" started on 10 January but today it's official. Thanks to Eric Willis (@erictwillis) its been hunted on ProductHunt. You can join the discussion and vote on the submission (if you find it worthy) using link below.

I hope you'll find it useful as I do and I'm excited to see how you'll use it!

If you have any question or feedback then you can reply directly to this email and I'll answer it.

Thanks and see you on GGather,
Dominik Serafin

This post is part of the Making GGather series.

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With you can save and organize neat stuff from the Internet and easily rediscover it later.

A service which I've been developing since 2015 and which I still use daily myself.